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Are You Tired Of Your Bottle Rolling Around?

The first time I brought my bottle with me into the truck, I immediately had a problem. It did not fit in the cupholder or anywhere for that matter. So, where am I supposed to put it? As I drove throughout the day my bottle would constantly roll off the seat and onto the floor. As you can imagine it would roll all over getting scratches, dents and making a bunch of noise! After a few months of this, one day I opened my door just to have my beautiful brand new stainless canteen come rolling out, smashing against a curb!  I was so bummed my brand new water bottle now has a HUGE dent! At this point I was fed up. I knew I must find a solution for this constant problem. After many hours in the garage and several prototypes, BOTTLE GRIP was born!


Finally There Is A Solution!

BOTTLE GRIP is made from a non-toxic, stretchable, tear-resistant silicone. The unique shape allows bottles to lay on their side, stopping the annoying roll and protecting against dings and dents

Bottle Grip Water Bottle Holder Stretch

Rugged And Ready For Use In Any Environment.

BOTTLE GRIP Is Designed To Fit All Bottles 16oz-64oz


The unique shape allows a bottle to lay on it’s side stopping that annoying roll while preventing damage at the same time. Each corner acts as a bumper, providing space between the bottle and the surface. This effectively turns a round bottle into a square. The perfected size and spacing of each corner ensures protection whether using on Bottle Grip on small or large bottles. The rugged silicone firmly grabs on to any surface keeping your bottle in place.

•Most common water bottles, stainless canteens or wine bottles between 16oz - 64oz
•The inside diameter is about 2.625" and can stretch to approx 4.75"

Non-Toxic, BPA Free Silicone. They are Strong!

Bottle Grip is designed to stretch but not tear! The extremely strong, high performance silicone is designed to survive any environment your bottle may find itself in whether it’s water, heat or cold.

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