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Our Story

It all started while working a job that had me commuting several hundred miles per day. It was about this time I had sworn off plastic water bottle's and switched over to carrying a stainless steel canteen.

As you know these bottle's are not cheap, but are made to last. I'm in love with mine, I carry it everywhere!  The first time I brought my brand new canteen with me it into my truck, I had a HUGE problem..the bottle does not fit in the cupholder!

Where am I going to put it and how am I going to keep it from rolling around?

As I drove around throughout the day my canteen would roll off the seat, roll around on the floor, getting scratched, dented, dinged, making a bunch of noise and driving me crazy! It was super annoying!  

One afternoon upon arriving home after a long day at work, I opened my passenger door just to have my brand new stainless canteen come rolling out the door, smashing against a curb!  I was so bummed my brand new canteen now has a huge dent. At this point I was fed up. I knew I must come up with a solution. After many hours in the garage and several prototypes, Bottle Grip was born. 


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